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  • New York, USA

It has to be said that NYC is one of the most famous and cinematic cities in the world. Visiting this iconic city felt like being in a movie, everything is eye-catching and you can actually feel its spirit.

It's culturally so diverse and has its own magic. No matter who you are, you instantly belong and blend within the streets of NYC. You can get lost anywhere and you always end up finding something exciting and unique on every corner. There are great and bad things about this place, yet it still adds up to the notion of NYC.

True to say, walking through the city feels like being in a concrete jungle. It's pretty overwhelming for those who are not used to megacities. Standing in the middle of Times Square at 3 am with all the neon lights gives the impression that the shops in the area are still open and crowds of people are constantly on the move.

It's a remarkable experience visiting NY and even if it's not your home, it feels like you are instantly a part of the city's spirit.