The Last Paradise

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If you mention Indonesia, you instantly imagine Bali, the last paradise. The famous place back in the 60s-70s when everybody was trying to find themselves and get more spiritual. Bali is a jewel of Indonesia, and its spirit is incredible. The lifestyle is not like the other among the 1000s of islands. Everybody is tuned into the same chilled vibes. The hipster food, surfing and beautiful beaches with all the cool places to chill are unique.

However, Indonesia is not all about Bali. There are plenty of other, someone would even say better, places then this legendary island. You can however go and visit locations that provide the ultimate opportunity to experience the local Indonesian lifestyle. Every island has a similar, yet different culture and it varies from religion to food. One day you sync with the Buddhist spirit and the second you hear the melodious prayers chanting coming from the mosque.

The joy of visiting this country is its perfect location for easy access to both Pacific and Caribbean coasts. If you're after sunny beaches, warm water, epic waves, and the surfer life the Pacific coast is the spot. If you're dreaming of Caribbean vibes, reggae bars, chocolate farms, and vivid green scenery, the East coast is the ideal place.

Indonesia is incredibly picturesque. It has the biggest range of active volcanos on earth, stunning rice fields and one of the best surfing spots. It's a true paradise.